Why Argenta


Argenta Partners has been a successful private equity investment firm for more than 20 years, providing liquidity for sellers, providing exceptional opportunities for operating management personnel, maintaining strong relationships with financing sources and achieving outstanding returns for its limited partners.

Exceptional Partners

Argenta works hard to create valuable partnerships with the management of each portfolio company. We believe that in most cases success is achieved by carefully building on the existing strengths, culture and character of the business in which we invest.


We are dedicated to investing in carefully selected, high quality, lower middle market companies. As a result, we are able to devote appropriate time to support management in developing strategic direction and implementing operational improvements. Where appropriate, we assist in developing greater breadth and strength in the management team, in order to achieve the established objectives for future development and growth.

Conservative Financial Structure

We finance new investments conservatively so that there is significant capital for growth and sufficient liquidity to sustain the business through unexpected events or economic cycles, providing a high margin of safety.

Investment Flexibility

We do not manage a fund and therefore are not restricted by many of the customary obligations including restrictions on investment size or limited timing for a liquidity event. As a result, we have greater flexibility to have a longer term investment horizon, where appropriate.

Outstanding Investment Track Record

As of the end of 2010, the annual internal rate of return on all invested funds from our limited partners since 1989, taking into consideration exited investments and the estimated value of current portfolio companies, was 28%.