Investment Philosophy


    We invest in lower middle market companies that have established records of operating earnings and have the potential for further development and growth.


    We believe that engaging and retaining the highest quality of people for the leadership of each business is an essential ingredient for success. This belief guides our compensation / incentive structure for the senior management of our portfolio companies, including a meaningful ownership stake for senior management.


    We work hard to be value-added partners and to develop effective and lasting relationships with each management team. We seek to guide the future development of each business carefully building on the  existing strengths, capabilities and culture of each company.


    We believe that in every business there are opportunities for continuous improvement, further development and growth. We seek to support management in determining how each business can be further improved to expand its market position, to improve its products and services, to provide more efficient and effective operations, to provide better service for its customers, to create sustainable competitive advantage and to add lasting value.


    We take a long term and proactive approach assisting management in creating additional value in each business. To enable that long term approach we structure each investment to provide the available funds for future growth and for a margin of safety with respect to future uncertainties. This long term view and financial structure facilitate working with management to achieve long term business success and value creation.